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Understanding the IRE in Your Workers’ Compensation Case

An Impairment Rating Evaluation (IRE) in Pennsylvania is a type of medical evaluation that can be requested by the insurance company. The goal of the Impairment Rating Evaluation in PA is usually to decide the total impairment your body has suffered from your injuries.

By requesting the IRE the insurance company is starting a clock on your remaining weeks of wage loss benefits. If you are being sent for an IRE, you should call us immediately. We will prepare you for the evaluation and explain what it means to both your short term and long term rights to future money.

IRE Rules

The law states that an Impairment Rating Evaluation needs to follow a few rules:

  • 1) It should not occur until you’ve been receiving total disability benefits for 104 weeks.
  • 2) Once the insurer asks for an IRE, the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation should select a doctor for the evaluation.
  • 3) An IRE should not be requested more than two times a year.
  • 4) Workers’ compensation benefits cannot be denied if a worker refuses to attend an IRE (unless the IRE was requested by a Workers’ Compensation Judge).
  • What an IRE Means

    Essentially, if you receive a request for an IRE, you should see this as a key milestone, and you should contact My Comp Lawyers at once. Going to an IRE unprepared means a disability may be classified as a partial disability, and your benefits may be reduced or denied.

    Even if your current doctor feels you cannot return to work and your injuries are serious, it doesn’t matter. If an IRE determines you’re only partially disabled, your benefits will be affected. If you’re found to have a partial disability, you can receive no more than 500 weeks of benefits. As soon as that request for an IRE arrives, the clock is ticking on the benefits you may receive.

    My Comp Lawyers can assist you if you have received a request for an IRE. Depending on your situation, we may be able to appeal before a Workers’ Compensation Judge or seek another remedy. Depending on the circumstances, it could be possible to push for a lump sum settlement or to challenge the IRE because the IRE itself or the request for it violated the law.

    Every step of the way, our goal at My Comp Lawyer is to help you get the benefits you deserve under Pennsylvania law. If you’ve been injured in Pennsylvania, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for advice, guidance and other forms of support relating to your case.

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