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Common Work-Related Injuries

In Pennsylvania, the most common work-related injuries are work-related musculoskeletal injuries — especially strains and sprains. Surprisingly, this is true across all industries. In 2015,31.6% of all reported injuries among agricultural workers were strains and sprains. In the public administration field, 4,491 injuries, or 38.5% of injuries in 2015, were related to strains and sprains.

While strains and sprains are the most common injury among all sectors, the way injuries were sustained varied. In 2015, overexertion caused 30.1% of injuries in manufacturing fields while 818 injuries, or 22.5% of injuries in the financial sector, were caused by falls.

The different types of work-related injuries in Pennsylvania include a variety of injuries:

  • Strain and sprain injuries (accounting for 38.4% of injuries in Pennsylvania in 2015)
  • Other injuries (accounting for 16.2% of injuries in Pennsylvania in 2015)
  • Bruising, contusions and crushing injuries (accounting for 18.1% of injuries in Pennsylvania in 2015)
  • Lacerations, cuts and punctures (accounting for 16.1% of injuries in Pennsylvania in 2015)
  • Fractures (accounting for 4% of injuries in Pennsylvania in 2015)
  • Multiple injury types (accounting for 2.9% of injuries in Pennsylvania in 2015)
  • Work-related illness (accounting for 2% of injuries in Pennsylvania in 2015)
  • Burns caused by exposure to chemicals or heat (accounting for 1.9% of injuries in Pennsylvania in 2015)
  • Loss of use, amputation and enucleation injuries (accounting for 0.3% of injuries in Pennsylvania in 2015)

Work-related injuries statistics show that upper extremities are the most likely to be affected by workplace injuries in Pennsylvania. 37.4% of all work injuries reported in Pennsylvania in 2015 affected the upper extremities. Injuries to the trunk and abdomen accounted for 18.3% of injuries, while injuries to the lower extremities represented 21.6% of all injuries.

Injuries can also be classified by method of injury. In 2015, 12.2% of all reported injuries in Pennsylvania were fall injuries occurring on one level, while 2.6% of injuries involved a fall from a height. A reported 0.1% of injuries were related to electricity, while the vast majority — 25.9% — were overexertion injuries.

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