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PA Workers' Compensation rates

At My Comp Lawyers, we believe that hurt workers' should not have to struggle to pay legal fees. That is why you will never pay a cent in legal fees if you hire us. Get the help and money you deserve today. Give us a call or fill out our online form !

Free Case Management

Litigation Cost

Have you ever wondered, what is the cost of a compensation lawyer in Pa? At My Comp Lawyer, if you have workers' comp, we will manage your case for free. Managing your case means having a lawyer, at no charge, to call whenever you have questions. There are thousands of rules in a Pennsylvania workers' comp case, and you should have an experienced attorney available to advise you of your rights and obligations. There is no need to trust the insurance company or your boss to tell you the truth.  There is no need to lay awake at night worried that you are not being treated fairly or that you are making mistakes because you do not know the law. We are here for our clients. We will review medical records , injury reports, injury descriptions, wage calculations, alternative benefits, and health insurance. We will review your FMLA options and collective bargaining agreement. We will prepare you for both IME’s and IRE’s. And yes, at no charge. A successful end to a work injury claim requires workers to know the rules, avoid mistakes and plan ahead. Click CONTACT US to get the help you deserve!

No Recovery, No Fee

Our clients only pay a fee if there is a recovery for them. If there is no recovery, there is no fee. We only get paid if we win benefits for you, stop the insurance company from lowering your benefits in court or settle your case. It's that simple. Stop worrying about Workers compensation fees in Pennsylvania, and start getting the money you deserve with My Comp Lawyers.

The Best Pennsylvania workers' compensation lawyer rates

You Never Pay Costs!

Almost all workers' compensation cases involve the payment of costs. However, we do not believe in using standard PA workers' compensation rates. At My Comp Lawyers, we pay all costs for you. Costs include bills for medical records, medical reports, doctor's testimony, transcripts, copy charges and mileage expenses. These costs can quickly become very expensive. Many lawyers charge costs to their clients or even require that they pay them before proceeding with their case. Our clients NEVER pay costs, regardless of the outcome of the case. We understand that our clients usually cannot afford to pay these costs. Our commitment to pay your costs demonstrates our philosophy of putting our clients first.

Confidential Case Management

Sometimes, our clients want help learning the rules, avoiding mistakes and planning, but they are afraid to “rock the boat.” We get it! We will conduct the case management described above without disclosing our representation. No one needs to know. You will have the peace of mind you deserve. At no charge.

Free Workers' Compensation Consultation

At My Workers' Comp. We provide free workers' comp consultation on top of our free case management. We believe every injured worker should get the that they need. Stop worrying about Pa worker comp rates, and get your free workers compensation consultation in Pennsylvania.

Check out our various locations! We will travel to you in order to give you free case management. Allentown, Altoona, Carlisle, Chambersburg, Gettysburg, Lancaster, Lebanon, Philadelphia, Scranton, Shippensburg, Wilkes Barre, Willamsport, and York.

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