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How to Handle a Late Workers’ Comp Check

You count on your workers’ comp checks to pay your expenses. Getting a late workers’ comp check is inconvenient at best and damaging at worst — especially if you’re already behind on your housing payment or electric bill. If your workers’ comp checks are late, Pennsylvania law firm Frommer, D’Amico and Anderson can help.

What to Know About Workers’ Comp Payments

The most important document you need to secure workers’ compensation benefits is the Award Order. If you do not have an Award Order, My Comp Lawyers can help. If you already have your Award Order, review it carefully. You’ll find a time limit that specifies when you must receive your check each month. A late workers’ comp check entitles you to an additional 20 percent. Claimants who do not have an Award Order are not eligible to receive a 20 percent payment penalty.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter if you usually get your check on a certain day of the week. Check the dates on your payment to see the time period the payment covers. If you received the check within the time specified on the Award Order, the check is not late. If you received the check after the deadline but before the penalty date, you are not eligible to receive the 20 percent penalty.

My Comp Lawyers Can Help

The PA state-certified attorneys at My Comp Lawyers can help you get your funds on time — including collecting any late payment penalties. At Frommer, D’Amico and Anderson, you’ll get:

• Direct access to your attorney. You’ll work one-on-one with a partner when it’s convenient for you — including weekends and nights or in your home if you can’t travel to us.

• Cost-effective representation. You’ll get free case management services if your check is late. We also don’t charge for depositions, transcripts, medical records or doctor’s records.

• The personal attention you deserve. Thoughtful, caring and experienced representation makes all the difference in workers’ compensation claims.

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