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Legal Rights for Hurt Workers

We conduct regular seminars for two reasons. First, we respect your privacy. Deciding whether you need a workers’ compensation attorney and then choosing the right one is not easy. In coming to seminars, our prospective clients have an opportunity to personally assess us. Prospective clients can learn a lot of information helpful to making these important decisions without any commitment and without any fear of being pressured to sign a contingency fee. Second, lots of lawyers have websites where you can get information. But a website is no substitute for having your question answered personally and a website is certainly no substitute for personally observing the lawyer who may represent you in court. A computer is not going to be fighting your case before a workers’ compensation judge. A real lawyer is going to make that fight and fight for hurt workers' rights. Taking an hour will provide you the opportunity to interview us, to watch us speak, to measure our commitment, to ask questions and to weigh our answers. You can’t get that off the computer or from the telephone. We believe in personal service and we believe in hard work. Our seminars are just one way we prove it. Stop wondering what the rights of injured workers are, and let us help you.

We are the only work injury lawyers in Pennsylvania that have been conducting PA workers' compensation seminars since 1996. We began the seminars when the law changed and we felt compelled to get the word out to injured workers. We have never relied on advertising, but rather on going out to speak to injured workers personally about compensation issues. Since we began, we have committed thousands of hours to workers' compensation seminars throughout central and eastern Pennsylvania. These free seminars have helped countless injured workers avoid costly mistakes. We believe our seminars are just one more way to measure our commitment to you.

About Seminars

Our seminars are approximately one hour. We are always happy to stay as long as it takes to answer questions, and explain the basics essential to understanding workman's compensation. You are free to arrive late and leave early. The seminars are relaxed and informal. Our goal is to give prospective clients as much information on hurt workers' rights as possible while at the same time respecting their privacy. Many clients are just not ready to hire a lawyer and we respect that. Your attendance at the seminar is confidential and you can feel free just to come and listen. Find out the legal rights for work-related injuries today!

Upcoming Seminars

There are no seminars currently scheduled. However, you can contact us 24/7 for information on legal rights for injured workers. To find out about future seminar locations, please call 1-800-875-1015

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