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Workers’ Compensation Claims in Chambersburg

Chambersburg is known for its agricultural jobs, retail sector and great small-town living. If you've been hurt on the job, however, it can be difficult to enjoy the Cardinals semi pro football team, the local mall or much of anything. You may be in pain and you may be worried where you'll get the money to pay for your bills, your medical care and everything else you and your family need.

For most workers, workers’ compensation is meant to replace some lost income and help you pay for medical and other costs during the recovery period. If you need a Chambersburg workers’ compensation lawyer to help you get benefits or to get the benefits you deserve, contact My Comp Lawyers. Our law firm offers several important advantages.

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We Have a Proven Track Record of Experience

Not only do most of our current clients come to us through glowing recommendations from past clients, but we have secured more than $50 million in settlements for injured workers. We specialize only in workers’ compensation, and all our partners are certified workers’ compensation specialists, so when you hire us you get people who specialize in this one area of law.

We Don't Represent the Other Guy

Some law firms represent everyone, including businesses and employers but we've never found this to be a benefit. The reality is, if an attorney is representing employers and injured workers, their loyalties may be divided. We represent only injured workers. We only care about the best interests of you and other injured workers. We want to help those who have been hurt on the job, and have no interest in business, employers or insurance companies.

We Don't Charge for Case Management

During the average workers’ compensation claim, there will be many issues that arise. There may be late checks, f an unpaid prescription, inaccurate injury descriptions or improperly calculated weekly benefits. We don’t start taking part of your weekly check for these services. Instead they are included in our free case management.

We Know the Local Workers’ Compensation Legal Climate

Because we deal only with workers’ compensation claims and we specialize in the Pennsylvania area, we know the Chambersburg area judges and courts where your case will be heard, the laws affecting your case, and even the insurance companies you’ll be dealing with. We’ve had previous experience, and this expertise works for you when it's your turn to file a workers’ compensation claim. Our lawyers have been practicing workers’ compensation law for close to three quarters of a century.

We Don't Scrimp on Our Time

Yes, time is money, but we also believe time is essential when it comes to treating clients well. We don't cut you off, and we take all the time you need to answer your questions to help you understand how workers’ compensation and benefits work. We will teach you the law of your case so you can participate in making smart decisions. We'll even give you our cell phone numbers so you can reach your attorney on the weekends or in the evenings if you need help. We’re generous with our time because we think you deserve it.

If you need a workers’ compensation lawyer in Chambersburg, we hope you consider My Comp Lawyers. Our law firm is dedicated to you and injured workers like you. Every step of the way, we have tried to imbue our law firm with the same hospitality and small-town kindness Chambersburg is known for.

You can contact us 24/7 for information on legal rights for injured workers. Please call 1-800-875-1015

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