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So You Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Lancaster?

Lancaster is filled with hard-working Pennsylvania residents. You're probably one of them. Every day, you go to work and contribute your energy, time, skills and talents to help your employer grow its business. When you're injured, workers’ compensation is supposed to help you pay for your bills and costs while you get better. Unfortunately, many workers find they may need a workers’ compensation lawyer in Lancaster to get the benefits they are entitled to.

At My Comp Lawyers, we know you have lots of options when it comes to finding a Lancaster workers’ compensation lawyer. There are attorneys in fancy sports cars, attorneys with splashy TV ads, attorneys with tiny offices, and attorneys with impressive resumes. It can be hard to compare different legal professionals, especially if you're not a legal professional yourself.

At My Comp Lawyers, we don't try to compensate or compete at the level of the fancy car or fancy office. Instead, we compete where it matters: With the results we can get for you. And there are several things we can promise you.

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We Will Never Treat You Like a Number

At a time when larger multi-office law firms are increasingly popular, My Comp Lawyers has chosen to take on a limited number of cases and to keep our law firm small. This allows us to really get to know every person we work with, so we understand you personally. To us, you're not a case. You’re a valued person who deserves the best of our attention — and we strive to offer you just that.

Free Case Management Preserves Your Weekly Benefits

When attorneys spend a lot of money on fancy offices, a large staff or multiple offices, it's ultimately the client who pays for it in higher fees. When law firms have multiple attorneys working on the same case they may sacrifice a unified strategy. At My Comp Lawyers, we want you to keep as much of your workers’ compensation benefits as possible. That's why we don’t charge fees on your weekly check every time we go to court.

We don't overspend on overhead, and we keep our offices small. When you work with a member of our team, one attorney will be handling your case. This ensures they really get to know all the nuances of your case — and it keeps your costs lower. In addition to offering free consultations, we go the extra mile and offer free case management, helping you save more.

We’re Highly Qualified to Get the Job Done

All our attorneys are certified specialists in workers’ compensation. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recognizes us as certified specialists, which means our attorneys have handled multiple cases and have the expertise needed to handle workers’ compensation cases. Be careful about hiring a lawyer that handles too many legal matters if you're making a workers’ compensation claim. We specialize in one area so we can provide the very best representation and counsel in that field.

Find out more about us and what we can do for you. Contact My Comp Lawyers to talk to an attorney in Lancaster about your injuries.

You can contact us 24/7 for information on legal rights for injured workers. Please call 1-800-875-1015

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