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Your Workers’ Compensation Case in Lebanon

If you need a Lebanon workers’ compensation lawyer because you've been injured on the job, you need to consider attorney fees. That's because those fees are going to be reducing whatever benefits you get from workers’ compensation. When attorneys take the time to keep their fees reasonable and low, you get to enjoy more of your benefits so you can pay your bills with greater ease.

The problem: Many attorneys offer a free consultation to get you into their doors, and then end up charging you a lot in attorney fees. If you've been injured at work in Lebanon and need a workers’ compensation attorney, there are basically two scenarios and two ways to save on attorney fees.

Workers' Comp is complex and difficult to navigate. Let us help you for free. You've got questions, we've got answers! Click below to get started.

First Scenario: No Workers’ Compensation Benefits

You need a workers’ compensation lawyer in Lebanon because you aren't getting workers’ compensation benefits yet. Maybe your application was denied or your application has not been submitted for some reason. In these cases, a good attorney will review all of your options — not just workers’ compensation — to help you find any alternative sources for weekly pay. It may only require a phone call or some arm twisting to get your benefits started. If we can do that, and avoid court, we will. And with no fee!

At My Comp Lawyers, we’ll discuss other ways you can get compensation, benefits or pay to see if there truly is a better option for you. We’ll also pay for doctor testimony and medical records so you don't have to.

Second Scenario: Benefits Are Paid, But There’s a Problem

You already get workers’ compensation benefits but still need a workers’ compensation attorney in Lebanon. In these cases, you'll want to take a close look to see whether your attorney has ways of taking a deduction from your weekly check for reviewing injuries, challenging independent medical evaluations, impairment ratings evaluations or late checks. We handle all these matters as part of the free case management we offer, so you don’t pay your attorney part of your weekly check.

We don't get involved in a case to charge higher fees, and we consciously take steps to keep fees low. Yes, we also offer free consultation. But we offer free case management and many of the costs other attorneys charge you for, such as medical records, doctor reports and testimony are paid by us, not you. Not ever!

We don't believe in nickel and diming you for everything. On top of that, we keep our law firm small, which means we have lower overhead costs. Since we’re a small firm, one attorney will be working on your case, which not only allows us to keep you fees lower but also leads to a unified case strategy. We’re very transparent about our contingency fee agreements and our fees. We’ll handle all the details during an initial consultation and then will give you time to decide whether you'll want to work with us. When we meet, we’ll leave you with the agreement and a stamped envelope. Take your time to decide who to hire. Go meet other lawyers. We’re confident that when you compare, you’ll choose us.

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