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Job Accidents and Workers’ Compensation in Shippensburg

Although Shippensburg is a small town of under 6000, it has a rich work and labor history. Some of the oldest manufacturing companies in the country — companies like Beistle Company — call Shippensburg home, and there are many jobs in the area in manufacturing, education, health care and other sectors.

When they’re injured on the job, the hard-working citizens of Shippensburg deserve support and help. Unfortunately, they don’t always get it. While most workers in Shippensburg are covered by workers’ compensation insurance paid for by their employers, this insurance isn’t automatic.

In many cases, workers come to see a Shippensburg workers’ compensation lawyer at My Comp Lawyers because their claim has been denied, their benefits are late or they run into other problems when seeking their rightful benefits.

How a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Shippensburg Can Help

If you run into any problems with your workers’ compensation claim, you can turn to My Comp Lawyers for assistance. Our team handles only worker injuries, so we know the law in this area inside and out. We’ve seen legitimate claims denied, benefits delayed and even employers misclassifying their workers as contractors to avoid having to pay insurance. In every case, we take the time to listen to you, and then we come up with a plan of action to help you get the benefits you and your family need.

At My Comp Lawyers, we offer advice, but we also pursue late benefits and help you deal with unpaid medical bills. We take care of all the paperwork in your case and deal with nurse case managers. We can file your claim, deal with rejected claims and attend all workers’ compensation hearings. Essentially, we take care of anything that needs managing to help you get workers’ compensation benefits you’re entitled to.

We’ve built our law firm on one principle: to do all we can to support hard-working Pennsylvania workers who’ve been injured on the job. To do that, we:

  • Specialize in workers’ compensation
  • Keep our law firm small
  • Offer free case management
  • Give you direct access to our partners
  • Benefit from our experienced attorneys and our client-centric approach to cases. Find out why injured workers recommend us to their injured friends and family. Contact My Comp Lawyers today to consult with an attorney about your injury and your workers’ compensation claim. We’re always happy to answer your questions and to help you learn about the laws that apply to your case.

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