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Welcome to My Comp Lawyers. Workers' Comp is complex and as top Pennsylvania workers' compensation lawyers, we can help guide you through the process. You've got questions, we've got answers! Click below to get started.

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We are harrisburg workers' compensation lawyers that will fight for you! A work injury can threaten all you hold dear; your health and providing for your family. The injury is bad enough, without adding the stress complicated rules, company doctors and unreliable information. Then there are the unpaid bills, late checks, IME’s ….enough already! At My Comp Lawyers, we get it. As Harrisburg Workers' compensation lawyers, we specialize in work injury cases and will provide you with a comprehensive case review and ongoing case management without any fees. We are PA workers' comp lawyers, and we will answer your questions in confidence…we won’t pressure you or hassle you. And we act fast. Contact or call and you can speak to one of our certified workers’ compensation specialists within the next few minutes. Try us…you’ll be glad you did!


Many PA workers' comp firms say they care. At My Comp Lawyers we offer you ways to measure caring; we don’t just offer words. We believe when you compare our firm to any other in Pennsylvania, you will find that our caring and compassion is measured in action, not words. Many of our client come to us by referral from former clients. We feel honored that our clients consider us the best workers’ compensation lawyers in PA.

What makes us stand out?

"We are all certified workers’ compensation specialists and focus our practice on work injury cases."

There are over 3,000 lawyers in Pennsylvania who handle work injury cases. But there are just over 200 who have been certified as workers’ compensation specialists by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. ALL of our attorneys are certified! Our entire team focuses on Pennsylvania workers’ compensation, So we have the focus and expertise to get you the very best results. The results you deserve. Don't just hire any Pennsylvania Workers' compensation lawyer, hire an expert by contacting us today!

We treat every client with dignity and respect, and we handle each case personally.

Your emails and phone calls will be returned by your Certified Lawyer, not a secretary, paralegal or pinch hitting lawyer. Each client has one lawyer. Their lawyer. We strive to achieve something many other lawyers actually want to avoid; we want our client to be our friend. And friends don’t let friends down. Friends don’t ignore calls. Friends have one another’s cell phone number. You’ll be our client, and you’ll leave our friend.

Our Workers' Compensation firm is small to provide you with superior personal service

All of our partners came from big law firms. We learned that to be big, you have to pay a lot of expenses. Multiple offices, TV advertising, a large staff to screen clients…who do you think pays for all that? You do. By being one case in a big machine of high volume. By having multiple lawyers handle your case, instead of one who really knows your case. By having fees deducted from your weekly check when you had a weekly check before you even hired your lawyer. Our small firm will provide you with one lawyer who specializes in workers’ compensation, and our size allows us to control expenses and provide you with truly free case management. We also maintain a modest caseload, not a high volume of cases, affording us the time to talk to you and travel to you.

Our free case management is so much more than the other guys' “free consultation”.

Every personal injury firm offers free consultations. That is how they get you to sign the contingent fee agreement. But how and when will they charge fees in a workers’ compensation case? If you look at a firm that handles all personal injuries, including workers’ compensation, you need to understand that workers’ compensation fees are different than the fees in a general accident case. In workers’ compensation, there are two kinds of cases. First, there is a case where you have been denied weekly benefits and need a lawyer to get you workers’ compensation. Have you been advised that it will take time to get your benefits? Are you being asked to reimburse the lawyer for costs such as medical records or doctor's testimony? Is the lawyer telling you that there are alternative benefit sources to provide you with weekly pay, even if it means lowering the attorney fee? If you have been denied, meet with us. We will review our contingent agreement with you and leave you with a copy and an envelope. No arm twisting. Then go ahead and meet with other lawyers. We are confident that when you compare, you’ll be hiring us. The second kind of case is when you are on workers’ compensation already. You are already getting a weekly check. Does the contingent fee provide for a deduction from your weekly check if the lawyer “files” for a late check penalty, or to review the injury description, or to require an IME be closer to home? Most workers’ compensation lawyers will charge a fee on your weekly check. At My Comp Lawyers, we handle all those matters, and much more, as part of our free case management. We don’t start a fight in order to charge a fee. There is a big difference!

At My Comp Lawyers we make sure you can reach a lawyer fast, including in the evening and on weekends.

John, Joe and Steve are all certified workers’ compensation specialists. One of them will be your lawyer. When you call during the day, your lawyer will return your call the same day. When you call after hours, you don’t get left with an answering service. You are directed to the cell phone of one of our partners who will return your call immediately, and get you the help you need. A medical crisis, unpaid bill, or late check does not always occur between 9-5. How accessible is your lawyer? Do they “trust” you with their cell phone? Think about it.

Five ways you can measure caring:

  • Your lawyer went the extra mile to study for weeks, passed the four hour exam and became a certified specialist;
  • Your lawyer focuses on workers’ compensation;
  • Your lawyer offers free case management instead of looking for ways to attach your weekly checks;
  • Your lawyer invites you to compare other law firms, and to take your time with a decision;
  • Your lawyer treats you like a friend, and is reached just as easily as a friend.
  • We will Travel to You!

    We serve multiple cities in PA.

    Located in Harrisburg, PA, we are top Harrisburg workers' compensation attorneys. However, even though we are workers' compensation attorneys in Harrisburg, we will travel to your location to provide you with the help that you need. We are top Pennsylvania workers' compensation lawyers because our highhly-skilled team believes that one of the most important things that sets us apart is our desire to be accessible at all time. We accept calls on nights and weekends, and understand that as an injured worker, it is not realistic for you to travel to our location for a consultation. Look at some of the areas we serve below!

    Allentown, Altoona, Carlisle, Chambersburg, Gettysburg, Lancaster, Lebanon, Philadelphia, Scranton, Shippensburg, Wilkes Barre, Willamsport,and York.

    Click CONTACT US for FREE case management or Call now for a FREE Consultation with a real Workers' Comp attorney. 1-800-875-1015 Nights & Weekends talk to Attorney Frommer at 717-579-8921

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